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  • Emily's Recap of the Open!

    Hi, everyone! First of all, I want to apologize for how long it took me to finish writing this.  Life has been crazy, and unfortunately sometimes the job that pays the mortgage has to take priority over the job that feeds the FitAid addiction.   Read More...

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Thank you for filling out the TPA survey! In order to make TPA the best CrossFit box in the area, Your feedback is very important to us! This is what you are saying:


*15 minutes 81.19%

20 minutes 12.87%

on your own 5.94%

We WILL keep the warm up to 15 minutes for all classes. IF YOU NEED more mobility on a certain area, PLEASE attend to your body! Take more time, Do your own mobility, USE the Crossover Symmetry! Only you know how your body feels. Our warm up is general to that days Strengths and WOD.


* 2 Strengths 61.01%

1 strength 32.99%

We will be keeping the 2 strength aspect on most days, some days we will have one strength and a skill, and some days we'll have one strength if we have a longer Metcon. IF YOU want to focus on ONE lift, PLEASE do so! The reason why we have two is because you will get stronger (and more proficient) in BOTH Power lifting and Olympic lifting which are both an integral part of CrossFit.


15 minutes: 10.42%

20 minutes 15.63%

*Mix it up 73.96%

You guessed it! We will be mixing up the Metcon length! If you haven't figured it out yet, Friday's have been Hero WODs for 5 weeks! We will be keeping that the same, However you won't see super long Hero WODs (over 35 minutes) programmed on Fridays.


2 days 20.83%

3 days 36.46%

4+ days 23.96

5 or more 18.75

I'd like these numbers to go up for you! At CrossFit TPA we actually WANT to see you, unlike the globo gyms!

Consistency is the key to change! (Change: strength, mobility, weight loss, the ability to improve your modalities)


*Yes 90.48%

No 9.52% (read above. You know, about consistency)


*Yes 95%

No 5%


*Good 72.73

OK 23.86

Bad 3.41

I will be adding an additional floor cleaning day to my weekly regimen. I use a hospital grade floor cleaner that kills MERSA, and other nastiness, or bleach, which kills everything but smells like b.l.e.a.c.h! The bathrooms will be wiped down every morning and night.

I few things that were mentioned in the "CHANGES at TPA" were:

Ending classes on time. ESPECIALLY at the 5:30am class. We as coaches will do everything in our power to run the class efficiently and provide you ample time to get your work in, as it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to do so. With that said, YOU must also respect your friends and box mates,  be ready when we are about to start the clock! Please change your shoes, put your headband and wrist wraps on and go tho the bathroom, way before the coach says..."ARE YOU READY? THE 10 SCEOND COUNTDOWN IS ON!"

Open Gym: Do you know that any time the gym is open for a CrossFit Class you can come in for Open Gym? The only Time that we have a "scheduled" (a coach is on duty) gym time is Saturday at 8am and Sunday at 11:30a-12:30p. This is an option at CFTPA that you will not find in many other CrossFit Gyms. Not only in our area but at CrossFit gyms across the country. Our Programming is for the box as a "whole". If you find that you need more strength training (like the Strength and Gymnastics Program) you have the opportunity to supplement your everyday programmed WOD with additional accessory lifts or strength program.  Or hire one of the coaches for Personal Training!

Additional Class times: 4:30pm, CrossFit WODs on Saturday and Sunday, a later Mayhem on Saturday. I would need at least 10 people that would be interested (and actually show up) at these times to add a class.

Where are we going with the strength programming? Since January you were on a 12 week strength cycle with technique and strength on your Oly lifts. This current Cycle will be ending on the 16th of this month. October 19th - 30th you will be testing our your 1RMs. Please know that you can come in and do your 1RMs on the day programmed, or if your not feeling it, skip it, and do what your body tells you to do. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! As we move forward in our strength programming I will let you know what your mission is, if you do so choose to accept it!

A few more things: Olympic lifting is a part of CrossFit, I will not stop programming only lifts.  However, If you don't want to Oly lift... DONT! We, as coaches, are VERY capable to sub out any oly lift for some other modality for you! CrossFit TPA is ABOUT YOU! Its your hour, your body, your workout. We will customize any WOD to fit your needs and desires!

From me to you... I took all of your suggestions and comments to heart, and I thank you for helping us make CrossFit TPA the best box around. When I decided to open my doors in the spring of 2012, my mission was to help as many people as I could get healthy, fit and strong. I supplied the facility and you supplied the desire! My mission has not changed, but my vision has gotten bigger! As we continue to grow, I want you to know that I do this for you and everyone who walks through the doors at CrossFit TPA!

We are blessed to be surrounded by awesome athletes as you all!

In Health and Strength,

Tammy, Tricia, Jess, Jeannie, Gabe, Eric and Jamie