May's Member of the Month


I feel much honored to be selected the Member of the Month.  I never thought I would do anything of note to be considered for selection, but I guess turning happily 50 years old is an accomplishment.

What brought me to CFTPA?  Most of my adult life, I have been fairly good about keeping in shape and exercising.  In my 20’s, I had a couple trainers and was bodybuilding, so I had the basic understanding of lifting.  I was never very good about the aerobic part; I just loved getting more muscle.  I had been working out at the YMCA since they opened the new location in 2006.  After a few years, I was getting nowhere and kept thinking I needed a personal trainer to push and motivate me to do more than lift for 30 minutes and go home.

How did I find out about CrossFit?  “CrossFit” was being advertised on TV, but I didn’t really know what it was about.  I talked to a couple people at the YMCA and run club and they told me a box was opening really close and I should check into it.  When I got a hold of Tammy, it was as if she was expecting me, she knew this was the thing for me.  I believe that was almost 3 years ago.

Tell us about your very first WOD?  I don’t have that kind of memory.  What I do remember is prep class is not like it is now.  I think I went to 2 classes and Tammy told me it was time to just go to the regular classes.

How has CrossFit changed your life?  CFTPA has changed my life in ways I never considered to be possible.  Yes, I am in the best overall physical shape than I have been my entire life, but that is just the beginning.  I gained a place and a community where I can be exactly who I am with no judgment and nothing but love and acceptance.  I have gained friends that fill my days with happiness and joy.  Just walking in the door makes me happy, even at 5:30am.

Advice for people getting started at CrossFit TPA.  Make friends, they not only help you get thru the workout, but they help you get thru life.  Do your best, not the person’s beside you best.  Listen to your body, work on form not weight.  Enjoy every moment, some moments suck, but the next could be a PR, you have to embrace them all.

What changes have you seen within yourself after starting CrossFit?  The first thing I noticed was being able to run the weed whacker longer without my shoulders giving out.  The other is being able to be more open with everyone.  I am generally very closed off, but have been brought out of my shell.

Most memorable moment at CFTPA?  My most memorable moment will always and forever be my Filthy Fifty birthday WOD.  I cannot thank everyone enough for coming and celebrating with me and doing that crazy WOD.  And Tammy for hosting at CFTPA, because there was nowhere else I would have wanted to celebrate such an important milestone in my life.